Richmond Hill Yonge Street - Construction
This line is on a roll.
In Richmond Hill, where the future Yonge Street North Subway extension ends, a new journey begins. Here, the Yonge Street rapidway will keep you on your journey up the GTA’s most storied corridor. As life along Yonge continues to look up, plans for this area include a wide range of new development initiatives, from great shopping and entertainment to vibrant public spaces.
Wait, there’s more. Work is also underway for a rapidway along Yonge Street from Mulock Drive to Davis Drive. Why? It’s all part of the comprehensive rapid transit network that connects the Region’s urban centres.
Are we there yet? Well, we’re getting close. Preparations are underway, and construction in the Yonge Street right-of-way is set to begin in 2015, opening in December 2018. Additional rapidways on Yonge Street north to Green Lane and south of Mulock Drive are dependent on funding commitments. 
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Business support program 
It’s all about traffic – the good kind.
York Region is growing. Over the next 20 years, our population is expected to increase by 50% – and the number of jobs by 100%. That’s awesome news for businesses. But before we get there we have to build for it. That includes rapid transit, wider boulevards, new water mains and more. Construction can make the going get tough. We’re here to make sure everyone keeps going.
To help support local businesses during the construction phase, vivaNext has developed a business support program in collaboration with local chambers of commerce and boards of trade that offers tools and information for their continued success as well as opening 
project information offices in the community. The program also gets the word out that businesses are still open during construction. The rapidways will help connect people from York Region and beyond while attracting new customers to our local businesses. More details ......
Learn more about our Business Support Programs by contacting your Community Liaison:

Leslie Pawlowski
phone  905.886.6767 Ext 71357
cell  905.505.1430