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Safe Working Environment


As many of our businesses prepare to re-open, at least on a limited basis, we know one of your biggest concerns is getting the right protective equipment in place for your employees and customers.


Together with our Chamber and Board of Trade colleagues across York Region, we’ve put together the definitive guide to obtaining local supplies of your personal protective materials, from hand sanitizer to masks to plastic shielding.

The guide will be updated every couple of weeks as more safety equipment suppliers come online.

There's never been a more important time to support our local business community. Check online or pick up the phone. Just make sure you're shopping local. Many of our businesses have taken extraordinary steps to make sure they can continue to safely serve you.

Check out to order dinner or discover important new social distancing services.

I know we’re facing really tough times now – but we’ll get through this together!

 - The Richmond Hill Board of Trade

Following the announcement that came out on January 12th declaring the second State of Emergency and a stay-at-home order we reached out to our members and asked them how this is affecting their businesses. You can view the results here.

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