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Make 2018 the year of the video

If you had only $1 allocated to marketing, how would you spend it? If you’re Bill Gates, you’d spend it on Public Relations. That’s because PR offers a huge return on investment. And, it allows companies to speak to its audience in a powerful way. These days, video is playing an important role in PR. Why? Because Canada currently ranks second worldwide in terms of video usage with users spending around 25 hours monthly watching videos. And, the number of video users have increased by more than 140% in the last three years. By posting videos to company websites and YouTube, client engagement skyrockets. YouTube is currently the largest channel for video and the most metric rich. Measurement

Creating a community while growing your business

November 2017 we hosted a networking session about Branding for Business and we learned from a panel of four experts in their field who shared with us some of their success stories. They all had a slightly different take on what it meant to be your brand, but the underlying message was the same from each speaker: you need to have a relationship with your clients that reinforces the values of ‘Know, Like and Trust.’ Everybody is somebody important. Understanding and acting on this principle is a key step in building your community and establishing their needs. When I first joined the RHBOT team, I was told to answer my phone if I was at my desk and it rang. Speaking with a person first hand

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