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Motion is lotion, Motion life.

Stretching & Prevention: By now you have probably heard that you need to stretch more and how important it is to make stretching a part of your daily routine. Regardless of our daily activity level, stretching helps to increase our range of motion and flexibility. More important than that, regular stretching helps to reduce the risk of injury. Benefits of Stretching: Increased flexibility and joint range of motion: By allowing the joints and be moved through their whole range, it helps to ensure that you don’t stiffen up over time. Think of this as a use it or loose it idea. Injury Prevention: Decreased muscle resistance allowing for freer movement overall and therefore less restriction whe

Make a Start… on Conversation.

Make a Start… on Conversation. Beginnings can be exciting and fun. They can also be scary and overwhelming. Lots of social learners I work with tell me they don’t know how to “start” social interactions so they just don’t try at all. Here are a few ideas to help you start a conversation: Focus Outside Yourself: When I was an improviser at The Second City, I always felt scared before jumping in to a Freeze game or entering a scene. And then I learned to move the focus from worrying about my performance and onto what was happening in the scene and how to add to that. As I learned about “Yes And”, and how to Listen, I could finally contribute to the scene (AKA Moving Conversation) and stop w

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