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Social Media Best Practices – 5 Powerful Tips

Business owners intuitively understand that in order to have a successful, thriving business, they must be present in the places in which their customers congregate. Nowadays, most of these places are online. Online social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and so on. Knowing that consumers are spending more and more time on these social media platforms makes it quite clear that being present on these platforms will give your business more exposure to your target audience. Let’s discuss 5 best practices in creating a powerful social media presence. 1) Focus On The Most Relevant Social Media Platforms First of all, you need to understand the nature of you

Riding Transit With Smart Commute Markham, Richmond Hill

Thinking about taking transit but not sure where to start? You’ve come to the right place! Taking transit allows you to save money, enhance your personal opportunities and avoid the stress of driving through traffic congestion. Follow the guiding steps below on everything you need to know about transit: Step 1: Plan Ahead If it’s your first time taking transit, plan ahead and find your transit route and schedule. My personal preference is Triplinx, an online trip planner that covers all local transit across the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area (GTHA) and is easy to use. To use Triplinx, simply head over to their website or mobile app and enter your start/end destinations. For regular travel rou

Suing an employee successfully

Originally published in the Canadian HR Reporter, August 26, 2019 In extreme situations, an employer can do more than just fire an employee. A Calgary company fired its employee after it discovered he had been accepting what they called secret payments from their suppliers for several years. Shutterstock If an employee is negligent and costs their employer money, can the employer sue them after they’ve been fired? Most of the time, the answer is no. But sometimes, if an employee deliberately costs their employer money, the answer to that question is yes. Take the case of M-I Drilling Fluids Canada, Inc v Cottle, for example. M-I Drilling (MID) is a Calgary company that successfully sued a se

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