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Stand and Deliver: Presenting Your Best Self on Cue

As entrepreneurs, performing on cue is an occupational hazard. While networking, we all want to make a good and lasting impression as we quickly introduce our business and ourselves to a full house, standing for a super quick 30 seconds. Question is, how to sum it all up and be humorous, passionate and memorable! Instead of juggling the knives of the impossible task of being everything to everyone try to keep the following in mind while crafting your introduction. Be authentic with clear details. Far too often business owners are so busy trying to be funny or say too much they come across as inauthentic, cold or scattered. Try to find a rhythm that works for you so you are not going over tim

The Fundamentals of HR Law: What Business Owners Need to Know

Join us for: The Fundamentals of HR Law: What Business Owners Need to Know The Richmond Hill Board of Trade has developed the Vanderburgh Certification Series to provide great new educational opportunities for our members. This series of 3, 90 Minute Sessions will be led by Stuart Rudner of Rudner Law To introduce you to our guest educator we wanted to share with you his latest video blog. To view it please click the link to his YouTube Channel or view the transcript below for content. DON’T ACCIDENTALLY SETTLE YOUR SEVERANCE CLAIM https://youtu.be/CXPyDXS-uQM Video Transcript Today I want to warn people against accidentally settling their severance claim. How is that possible you ask? It’s

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