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How Data Can Narrow the Playing Field for Small Business

Data Driven Economy We live in a world where data has become one of the most valuable resources. Many types of businesses, regardless of industry or sector have jumped on the data bandwagon over the last decade. One of the biggest challenges small business owners face is limited resources, whether it be time or money. But data can help your business: Become more efficient Find better opportunities And most importantly help you make better decisions With data, you don’t need to base decisions on a hunch, you have facts behind you. Do I need Data? When a lot of people think of data they think of the “big data” that companies like Amazon and Google use. However, many small businesses don't thin

Saying No is Not a Sign of Weakness – It’s a Sign of Wisdom

One of the questions I get asked a lot is how to make changes when you feel like you are burning out. There are many things that can be done to prevent burnout. But when someone is teetering on the edge or already sliding down that slippery slope, giving them a laundry list of things is to is not helpful. That can make them feel even more overwhelmed. They need one significant actionable thing that will make a difference for them, and it needs to be something they will actually do. I hear from people all the time that their lives these days are busier and more stressful than ever. They take on more than we can handle and often don’t take the time to replenish their energy. The one thing

Warm Up After Sitting at a Desk

Your warm up is not separate from your workout, it is a part of your workout. An effective warm up will get your blood flowing, physically warm the body, and raise your heart rate slightly – helping prepare your body for the demands of your training. All of these things combined, allows for a smoother workout and reduced risk of injury. Yet so many of us forgo a warm up all together, and just dive into the meat of the workout. How many of us just breeze through a barely thought out “warm up”, consisting of some basic arm stretches, leg swings, and maybe some light body weight movements? Most people hate the warm up, the view it as something annoying they have to do before doing the “fun” pa

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