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  • Jonas

Getting some tips on the workplace

I am currently a co-op student placed at the Richmond Hill Board of Trade. So far, my experience at the Board of Trade has been really positive. The objective of this placement is for me to gain experience in a real workplace and I have done just that. I have gained new knowledge of the business field and how valuable a Chamber of Commerce can be. Chambers provide networking opportunities, enjoyable and educational events and advocate for businesses in their respective regions. Since my first day here, the staff here has welcomed me and made me feel safe and comfortable to ask any questions or voice my concerns. The staff is filled with genuinely kind people who care for each other and their job here. If I make a mistake, instead of getting angry or frustrated, they make sure I know what I did wrong and how to avoid making the same mistake again. They have really pushed me to make my experience here as worthwhile as possible. Whether it be offering to take me to networking events for their members or even small things such as encouraging to improve basic but essential skills such as taking more initiative. All in all, even in the very short amount of time I spent here, I feel extremely lucky to have been given this opportunity.