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Get In the Picture

You have no idea who many times I hear "No, it will just be my kids in the shoot, I don't like how I look in pictures" or "I'm going to book a session with you next year after I loose some of this baby weight". Moms are always finding reasons not to be in pictures, and it makes me so sad.

Moms you have to get in those pictures!!!

It's not for you. It's for your children, your partners, your parents. It is for the people who love you. They want pictures of you and they want pictures with you.

They don't care that you haven't lost those last 15 or even 50 pounds. They don't care that your eye closes too much when you smile. They don't care that you have bags under your eyes that no amount of concealer can seem to hide.

When your family ones look at pictures of you they see how much you love them, how safe you make them feel, the special times you spend together, the acceptance and time you give them. They see YOU, they see their wife, mom, daughter and sister.

So Moms GET IN THE PICTURE!!! You are giving your family something they will treasure for years and years.

"Minde Klein is a Thornhill based photographer, specializing in family, child, newborn and headshot photography.

Her goal is to make each client’s personalized session a stress free and fun experience for everyone involved. She holds their hand through the entire process, from picking outfits and locations, preparing for the session and choosing the perfect pictures and products for them.

She experienced, first hand, the power of pictures to bring joy and comfort. She teaches her clients that pictures are not just for us, they are for the children and the generations that come after us, to treasure and to make them feel loved and connected.

Phone-416 876 7080


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