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Creating a Safe Shared Workspace – A Conversation with Errol Da-Ré, Venture X Richmond Hill

As we are moving through Phase 3 Status and starting to open fully, we spoke with a fairly new member, soon to open his space, Errol Da-Re. The owner of Venture X Richmond Hill talks about how he is moving forward with his business in this climate.

RHBOT: First we want to welcome you to our community. We first met you just before December 2019 when you joined RHBOT. So much has changed since then. Tell us about your space, including when you plan to open.

Errol: We are so excited to be part of the community and look forward to meeting fellow RHBOT members. Our plug and play, boutique-style office space provides members with 24/7 safe access security, free parking, fast internet, conference rooms with Smart TV's and an event hosting space.. We have private offices for 1 to 10 people. Our focus is business comfort. Staying true to our local focus, we will have local artists’ paintings represented at Venture X. We are set to open August 2020 officially but we are welcoming client inquiries as we speak.

RHBOT: As the months have passed what have you considered in your opening that might be helpful to other members in setting up their own communal office spaces.

Errol: When considering what adjustments need to be made, it was important to examine our location and size, and adjust for spacing and sanitizing needs. Any business should be asking themselves:

  • How frequently should we be cleaning?

  • How much spacing should we factor in?

  • Are there areas of the space that we should make unavailable?

  • What limits do we place on the number of Members in a particular space for the time being?

  • How we enact changes to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and continue to make our Members feel welcome and comfortable?

We carefully considered each area of the Venture X Richmond Hill space. Shared and dedicated desks will be staggered with sneeze guards to further define workspaces for members. Venture X will also offer members the option to purchase sneeze guards for those who wish to have added safety measures in the shared offices. Other shared work areas like the Meeting Room, Conference Room and Lounge Room will be sanitized between each booked meeting.

In any membership community, cleanliness is important. With COVID-19, sanitation is imperative. It will be a shared task of members, our Community Manager and owner to ensure that procedures are followed. As a membership-based community, there is a sense of ‘belonging’ and to that end, it is important for us all to recognize the need to follow the protocols that will be set out for us all. Signage will be prominent to remind everyone to stay socially distanced and to respect the guidelines set in place to make Venture X a safe working space. Hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray and wipes will be available to all.

RHBOT: Many Members who have staff may be asking themselves where their responsibility ends and the employees’ begins. What do you say to that?

Errol: Generally employers are providing the means and the methods (like the PPE tools and a cleaning protocol/schedule of tasks.) We are no different. We have policies for Reception Area and the members’ guests, shared spaces, phone and conference rooms and offices and desks. These policies are to keep everyone safe. It maintains a level of confidence when using the space and welcoming visitors.

Café – Green dots indicate where members can be seated for social distancing.

RHBOT: In closing, Errol mentioned that he would be open to discussing the process that he has gone through with any RHBOT Members who might have questions or if you would like to visit his incredible new space please contact him directly for a personal tour.

Errol Da-Ré

Venture X Richmond Hill

cell 647-293-7315

business 905-709-0000


Suite 200

120 East Beaver Creek 2nd level

Richmond Hill, Ontario

L4B 4V1


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