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Business After 5 | York Brewery

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

We had a fantastic start to summer with refreshing, locally crafted beer at York Brewery for our Business After 5 #networking event. Thank you Edwin Ibude, our gracious host and sponsor, for your warm welcome and for treating us to an exquisite selection of your #craft #beer.

We had the privilege of gaining insights into the intricate brewing process while forging new connections with fellow members of our vibrant #business #community. We were also honored to have Deputy Mayor Godwin Chan and the Hon. Bryon Wilfert with us to share their support for #local #business.

Congratulations York Brewery on your remarkable achievements and for bringing your excellent brews to #RichmondHill and #YorkRegion. We look forward to seeing you on LCBO shelves very soon!

Once again, a huge thank you to Edwin Ibude for his hospitality, and to York Brewery for sharing their passion for brewing with us. We eagerly await the next opportunity to raise a glass and celebrate their continued success. Cheers!


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