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Choose your own adventure in Smart Commute’s Ride and Seek Campaign

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Smart Commute in York Region invites you to explore the region in a new and exciting cycling campaign! Between September 14 and October 9, take part in the “Ride and Seek” scavenger hunt for a chance to win one of six $50 e-gift cards or one grand prize $150 e-gift card, courtesy of York Region. Pledge to join by visiting, and cycle and preview the pre-selected landmarks by viewing our Ride & Seek webinar.

We encourage you to visit all nine landmarks in Richmond Hill, and explore the other municipalities if you want a challenge! However, if you have limited time or other commitments, we have compiled some suggested routes that showcase each landmark in Richmond Hill and are suitable for different types of individuals in the community.

For the Busy Parent

September is synonymous with back to school - either in the classroom or distance learning - and routine for parents and children. Cycling with your children is a great way to exercise, explore your community and spend time as a family. If you only have time to visit one landmark on our list, we suggest taking the kids to the newly-redeveloped David Hamilton Park, which officially opened in September and features a splash pad, playground, multi-use courts and trails.

Landmark name: David Hamilton Park

Getting there by bike: Enter Beaver Woodland from 16th Avenue OR the path from Valleymede Drive or Blackmore Avenue

Cycling infrastructure: Paved multi-use trail through Beaver Woodland and David Hamilton Park

Ideal photo spot: In front of the “Autumn” letters west of Ed Sackfield Arena and Fitness Centre.

For more information about David Hamilton Park, click here

For the Long-Distance Rider The longest landmark on our list is the Lake to Lake Cycling Route and Walking Trail on Leslie Street. This 7.5 km portion of the trail in Richmond Hill is a shared pathway from Highway 7 East to Elgin Mills Road East and connects to Beaver Greenway multi-use trail, which is accessible from residential areas. This route is ideal for cyclists who enjoy long recreational rides, or who are eagerly awaiting the 121 km ride from Lake Ontario to Lake Simcoe upon completion of the trail.

Landmark Names: Beaver Greenway and Lake to Lake Cycling Route and Walking Trail

Getting there by bike: Accessible from the Highway 7 bike lanes, and travels north to Elgin Mills Road East. The entrance to Beaver Greenway is north of 16th Avenue.

Cycling infrastructure: Shared pathway and off-road multi-use trail.

Ideal photo location: Where the trail separates into a sidewalk and cycling path north of 16th Avenue, or the “Beaver Greenway” sign at Boake Trail.

For the Transit Fan

Our previous blog post reviewed street improvements on Yonge Street in Richmond Hill due to the vivaNext rapidway construction, including a bike lane that will connect to other cycling infrastructure in the City’s cycling network. This third suggested route is ideal for transit fans, as they can observe GO trains travelling along the CN rail line from Bantry Avenue, construction of vivastations on Yonge Street, and Richmond Hill Centre Terminal, which features a new customer service kiosk and bike repair station.

Landmark Names: Bantry Avenue bike lanes, Highway 7-Yonge Street Connecting Road multi-use path, and the bike repair station at Richmond Hill Centre Terminal

Getting there by bike: Begin cycling west on Bantry Avenue from Bayview Avenue to Yonge Street, turn south to Richmond Hill Centre Terminal, and east at Highway 7-Yonge Street Connecting Road.

Cycling infrastructure: Bike lanes on Bantry Avenue and Yonge Street, and multi-use path on Highway 7-Yonge Street Connecting Road.

Ideal photo location: On the bridge overlooking the CN rail line on Bantry Avenue, or in front of the bike repair station at Richmond Hill Centre Terminal.

For the Suburban Foodie

There is no shortage of restaurants, cafés, tea shops and specialty food stores located along Highway 7 between Bayview Avenue and Highway 404 - there are 25 listed in the Times Square Richmond Hill shopping mall alone! If you work up an appetite during your bike ride to Richmond Hill landmarks, we encourage you to support local businesses along this route by ordering takeout, delivery or inquiring about dining options.

Landmark Names: Left turn bike box, Times Square, and Vanhorn Park

Getting there by bike: Cycle west from the Lake to Lake Cycling Route and Walking Trail on Leslie Street. There are also many restaurants on East and West Beaver Creek Roads, which is a shared roadway.

Cycling infrastructure: Bike lane on Highway 7, left turn bike box, and off-road multi-use trail in Vanhorn Park.

Ideal photo location: In one of the six left turn bike boxes located on Highway 7 in Richmond Hill (click here for a map of the bike box locations).

Before you ride, visit to learn more about:

● Performing an ABC bike maintenance check

● Cycling rules and education in York Region

● Proper helmet usage and accessories

● Finding a cycling route using regional cycling maps


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