Ruth Plumb Profile: A Journey in Networking

It’s been 6 months since I joined the RHBOT and I can remember my first event like it was yesterday. It was a Women In Business event. I walked into the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts alone…feeling nervous. I didn’t know anybody! Thankfully, I was greeted by a friendly face, Lisa Chong who welcomed me. When I found myself on my own after a few introductions, I lingered around the refreshment table, deciding on,”what muffin to eat,” and then I introduced myself to another woman who was also there for the first time! YEAH! I made a buddy that I would sit beside. The feelings of being nervous calmed down until we were asked to take 30 seconds to tell the group what we did!!! My heart beating out of my chest!! My pulse racing. As I share how I felt then, I can laugh about it now and remember the times where I forgot to say my name in my 30 seconds or that time I said I offer stressful photography instead of stress-free photography. Laughter.

I want to share that I’ve experienced so much growth as a person by joining the RHBOT the past few months. Through events, I’ve come to know some inspiring business women in our board of trade that are supportive, encouraging and positive. Women who improve our community through their volunteer work and businesses. I’ve also grown by moving out of my comfort zone and, “showing up,” in my business. It was through the RHBOT that I heard about Staples hosting display tables for women entrepreneurs in honour of International Women’s Day. I participated for the first time and I was so honoured to have received a certificate of recognition presented by MP Majid Jowhari. It was such a fun experience that I participated in a display table at the RHBOT Spring Showcase. By participating in the community I’ve been able to build new connections and relationships and also refer and introduce business to business.

I’m so grateful to be a member of the RHBOT. Whenever I meet someone who has started a business and want to network, I always ask them if they are part of their local board of trades and encourage them to attend events because it’s been a great experience for me.

Special thanks to Guest Blogger Ruth Plumb from Ruth Plumb Portraits!