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It’s the Best Place in Town! – Tips to Save Local Business

It’s fun to have a secret spot! That local business which offers the best deal on your favourite pet food or has the tastiest baked bread. Other than giving them your business what can you do to help them stay afloat?

Help them advertise! They rely on the consumer to keep them in business. Their unique product or great customer service will assist you in promoting their business. Simply talk about how great your experience was!

Supporting local means making sure that you're interacting with these businesses online almost as much as in person! Be an engaged viewer and increase their online presence!

Write a review on Google, Yelp, Facebook or Trip Advisor and let people know what a great experience you had. Give them stars. Good online reviews can impact other customer’s decisions to shop or visit. Since consumers trust online reviews as much as personal reviews, your rating can go a long way.

Follow the business on Facebook or Instagram and keep a close eye on what they post! Liking their social media accounts is a great start. If you also take time to like, share or comment on the post you can help them reach more potential customers. You can also check in when you’re shopping or tag them in a post.