Maximizing your Social Media Presence

​In 2018, image-sharing platform Instagram surpassed one billion users, making it one of the most widely-used social media apps in the world. Think about that for a second: one billion people, all brought together by one common interest – the desire to connect… Mind boggling!

In 2019, social media apps like Instagram and Twitter have become standard business tools for anyone looking to expand their reach and maintain relevancy in today’s marketplace. Whether you’re looking to stay on top of current trends or simply reach new potential clients, social media can be the best business tool you’ve got – if you know how to use it properly.

My business is all about community and maintaining a pulse on the needs of our clients, as well as the evolving market. My social media accounts act as an extension of my own open-door policy at work, whereby my online followers can stay in the loop and connect with me in a friendly and professional forum. In order to maximize the return on our efforts when it comes to using social platforms like Instagram, myself and my team stick to the 3 C’s: content, consistency, and connections.


When it comes to establishing your social media identity, Content is king.

On a platform where first impressions are made at a quick glance of your feed, it’s vital that the images you choose to share are consistent with your brand, curated to reflect a cohesive aesthetic amongst your feed as a whole and posted with the intention of conveying some relevant message. Some quick tips on producing excellent content? If using personal photos versus stock images, ensure photos are taken in natural, bright light wherever possible, to ensure crisp image quality. Try photo-editing apps like VSCO and Snapseed, which are both free on iPhone and android, and deliver professional-level photo-editing options as well as tutorials to help you get started.


One of the top social media tactics for growing your online following is consistency. Routinely posting at specific times of the day establishes a pattern with your followers, which allows them to anticipate and look forward to your next post.

While any business owner can relate to the challenges of making a social media commitment at the same time each day – it’s not impossible! Plan ahead by photographing, editing and preparing your posts beforehand, saving them in your drafts and setting a reminder on your phone to alert you to push the saved content live at set times. One great app for scheduling Instagram posts in advance – as well as previewing how the new post will look amongst the rest of your feed – is Planoly,