Making Old News, New Again: Breathing Life into Your Blog

Creating engaging content for your website and media streams takes energy, persistence, follow-through and, dare I say, a creative approach.

Entrepreneurs who are already exhausted, stretched thin and nervous about the current climate all just collectively, silently, eye rolled me. Who can blame you? In the struggle for exciting content you can feel lost and exasperated at the thought of yet one more chancy marketing task on your plate.

As I have said before, social media in all its forms may bring you new business. What it’s really good at, though, is reinforcing the choice of a past purchase, setting you up as an expert in your field, reminding past clients about what it is you do and providing you a voice in the world of online noise.

Blogging is a great way to structure and solidify your position in your field of expertise. Everybody knows that and in fact you can’t swing a (virtual) cat without hitting a blog! So the question then becomes how to separate your voice from everyone else’s. Check out these categories, some with links to our members doing an exemplary job with the look and feel of their blogs/vlogs.

Data and Statistics

Using data and statistics in a visual way is best. Graphics created to explain your point of view or why you came to a certain conclusion can be engaging for a client whose purchase threshold can only be crossed by a display of facts and figures. They will appreciate the data as long as they understand it.

Life and Case Examples

Back up your conclusion and client solution with a case example. Here it would be great to set your example for the reader and then include a testimonial from clients who you helped overcome the same problem.

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