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Aneal's Taste of the Islands

10220 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3B6

(905) 780-6277

Discover the vibrant taste of the islands at Aneal's Taste of the Islands, a beloved family-run establishment with locations in Richmond Hill and North York. Specializing in authentic Caribbean cuisine infused with a tantalizing blend of island spices and ingredients, Aneal's aims to introduce everyone to the rich flavors of the Caribbean. Despite the challenges faced by the restaurant industry in recent years, Aneal's has remained steadfast in supporting frontline workers through discounts and charitable initiatives. With a commitment to exceptional customer service, Aneal's has been honored with Restaurant Guru's prestigious 'Best Restaurant in Richmond Hill' award for two consecutive years, a testament to their dedication to providing an outstanding dining experience. Beyond their culinary prowess, Aneal's actively contributes to the community by supporting various charitable organizations and initiatives, including The Canadian Legion program, McKenzie Health's fundraising efforts, and the Rotary Club's annual fundraisers, as well as extending support to frontline workers. Join Aneal's Taste of the Islands for an unforgettable culinary journey and a taste of Caribbean hospitality.

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