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Why Join?

The Richmond Hill Board of Trade offers a comprehensive package of support, resources, and benefits for businesses of all sizes. Whether you are looking for networking opportunities, practical benefits, or a chance to be part of a community-driven organization, RHBOT provides a platform for businesses to thrive, succeed, and contribute to the future of Richmond Hill.



Networking Events


Sponsors & Partnerships


Grants Dispersed



- Essential support and resources that are particularly valuable to startups and expanding businesses, fostering their development and growth.

- Unique access to influential industry leaders and government support, facilitating valuable connections and resources for business advancement. 

- Marketing opportunities, including affinity partnerships, advertising, and sponsorship, enabling businesses to increase their visibility and customer base.

- Practical benefits that contribute to improved financial visibility and overall growth prospects, including discounts on products, services and insurance.

Clapping Audience

& Networking

By joining the Richmond Hill Board of Trade, individuals become integral members of a vibrant and supportive community of fellow business professionals. This community is a valuable source of support, mentorship, and collaborative opportunities.

RHBOT organizes networking events that allow members to establish connections, opening doors to potential business partnerships and collaborations.


Furthermore, RHBOT's mission extends beyond business, emphasizing its commitment to enhancing the overall quality of life in Richmond Hill through community and social engagement, reinforcing the sense of belonging and shared responsibility among its members.

& Reach

The Richmond Hill Board of Trade offers remarkable visibility and reach benefits to its members. With its long-standing presence dating back to 1988 and its position as a community pillar, RHBOT can significantly elevate the visibility and reputation of member businesses.


Moreover, membership opens doors to a range of opportunities for businesses to put their names on the map. These opportunities include networking events, advertising avenues, and sponsorship possibilities, all of which collectively contribute to enhancing businesses' visibility and gaining recognition not only within the local community but also in broader markets, bolstering their growth and influence.

Motivational Speaker

Vivian Risi

Royal LePage Your Community Realty

Over the many years that I have collaborated and interacted with the Richmond Hill Board of Trade, I have consistently been met with the utmost in professionalism. The RHBOT exemplifies a passion for its community and my experiences with board members and staff has always been a positive one. A community is only as strong as its residents, and the RHBOT does an excellent job of keeping this thriving city current, informed, and active. I am proud to be part of a community whose local board reflects the values of its residents and is proactive in addressing their changing needs. I look forward to continued opportunities for collaboration in future toward the ongoing growth and success of this great city!

Member Benefits

Get the most from your membership with these exciting benefits and offers. Savings will often exceed the cost of your membership!


Chambers of Commerce 
Group Insurance Plan

Canada's #1

Group Benefits Plan for

Chambers Plan is Canada’s leading group benefit plan for 1-50 employees.

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Networking Events

Elevate your business and boost your visibility with access to exclusive networking events.

Business Services

Cut costs with discounts on essential business services.

Meeting Space Rental

Secure great deals on meeting space rentals for seamless business operations.

Ultimate Networking Card

Unlock exclusive networking opportunities across York Region with your all-access pass.

Retail Discounts

Save big on products and services vital to your business operations.

Grand Opening Kit

Create a memorable grand opening for your business with our special kit.


Protect your assets and save up to 40% on home, auto and health insurance with group insurance.

E-commerce Support

Simplify your online business with easy e-commerce and digital marketing solutions.

Document Certification

Access discounted certificates of origin and document certification services.

Marketing Opportunities

Gain access to advertising, sponsorships, and affinity partnerships to boost your business's visibility and reach new customers.

Affinity Partners

Affinity Partners

Gain access to our exclusive member base by partnering your services with RHBOT!



Extend your reach through our extensive network of 2000+ active subscribers!



Stand out as a community leader and help shape the future of Richmond Hill!

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