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Prollenium Medical Technologies Inc.

29 East Wilmot St., Unit 1 , Richmond Hill, ON, L4B 1A3


Offering a full range of dermal fillers crafted with cutting-edge production methods, premium ingredients, and rigorous quality testing, Prollenium® Medical Technologies has been transforming the aesthetics industry since its founding in 2002 by Ario Khoshbin with a $300 loan. Partnering with Khasha Ighanian in the same year, Prollenium® initially focused on distributing laser devices before shifting its attention to manufacturing HA dermal fillers in 2004. Dissatisfied with existing products, they embarked on a journey to develop their own advanced HA formulation, resulting in the groundbreaking technology of Revanesse®. By 2008, all research and development were brought in-house, ensuring strict quality control. In 2012, Prollenium® opened Canada's first dermal filler manufacturing facility, maintaining meticulous quality assurance procedures. Today, as the sole North American manufacturer of HA dermal fillers, Prollenium® continues to expand, with over 150 full-time employees and a new 70,000 square foot facility in Richmond Hill, Ontario. In 2022, they acquired SoftFil, a French brand specializing in aesthetic medicine, and in 2024, partnered with Sisram Medical Ltd. to enhance their injectables product portfolio, marking another milestone in their journey of innovation and excellence in the aesthetics industry.

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