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Women in Business

The Women in Business Committee is dedicated to fostering solidarity, networking, and empowerment among women in our community. We believe in creating meaningful opportunities for women to connect, share their experiences, and offer support to one another in both personal and professional pursuits.

Our committee celebrates the remarkable achievements and invaluable contributions of women across various fields. Through organizing events, award ceremonies, and recognition programs, we aim to honor these accomplishments and inspire others to reach for their goals. We are committed to addressing the unique challenges faced by women from diverse backgrounds, ensuring that their voices are not only heard but also represented in every aspect.

Throughout the year, we host three signature events:

1. Spring: Women's International Day - A day dedicated to celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women worldwide.

2. Summer: Women's Entrepreneurship Awards - Recognizing and honoring the entrepreneurial spirit and success of women in business.

3. Fall: Women's Symposium - An insightful and empowering gathering where women come together to discuss relevant issues, share knowledge, and inspire one another.

Join us as we continue to build a supportive and inclusive community where every woman can thrive and succeed.


Committee Chair

Payal Bhardwaj


Committee Chair

Payal Bhardwaj

AB Gift Baskets

Committee Vice-Chair

Mary Minielli

Chartwell Oak Ridges Retirement Residence

Errol Da-Re

Venture X Richmond Hill

Linda Robinson

Chartwell Oak Ridges Retirement Residence

Lubna Zaidi

Liv Metta

Jaclyn Zhang

Futurevic Global Sourcing Inc.

Nikki Hessami

Nikki Hessami Real Estate Broker

Madan Chawla

Richmond Hill Optometric Clinic

Jason Colterman

St. John Ambulance - York Region

Dr. Radhika Chawla

Richmond Hill Optometric Clinic

Maggie Perotin

Stairway to Leadership

Lori Melo

Listing Group Inc.

Lena Guirgius

Flex Space Inc.

Sherry Bennett

Bayview Concierge Inc.

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