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Student Life at the Board of Trade

Hello everyone! My name is Caitlin, and I'm currently a student in grade 12 doing my co-op at the Richmond Hill Board of Trade. Initially, what brought me to the RHBOT was my interest in pursuing a career in the hospitality industry with an entrepreneurial mindset in the future. During these past couple of months, I've had an incredible learning experience about the world of business - from the larger picture of long-term plans to the nitty gritty aspects of everyday operations. Ultimately, this comes down to three main lessons I've learned about the field of business. Firstly, it is crucial for one to take the initiative to make things happen because in the professional world, one cannot expect opportunities to be delivered to you. Also, I've learned about the importance of being adaptable - your experiences in working in multiple roles, regardless big or small, will contribute to your growth and professional development. Finally, I've learned about the significance of networking and personal branding - making these meaningful connections with others is vital to one's success.