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It’s the Best Place in Town! – Tips to Save Local Business

It’s fun to have a secret spot! That local business which offers the best deal on your favourite pet food or has the tastiest baked bread. Other than giving them your business what can you do to help them stay afloat?

Help them advertise! They rely on the consumer to keep them in business. Their unique product or great customer service will assist you in promoting their business. Simply talk about how great your experience was!

Supporting local means making sure that you're interacting with these businesses online almost as much as in person! Be an engaged viewer and increase their online presence!

Write a review on Google, Yelp, Facebook or Trip Advisor and let people know what a great experience you had. Give them stars. Good online reviews can impact other customer’s decisions to shop or visit. Since consumers trust online reviews as much as personal reviews, your rating can go a long way.

Follow the business on Facebook or Instagram and keep a close eye on what they post! Liking their social media accounts is a great start. If you also take time to like, share or comment on the post you can help them reach more potential customers. You can also check in when you’re shopping or tag them in a post.

Remember, local and small businesses are more than retail shops. They include service providers like restaurants, gas stations, hair salons, spas, chiropractic and massage, marketing teams, senior care and health providers, funeral and grief, grocery, travel, legal, real estate, contractors, property management, entertainment and hospitality.

Take time to explore. Check out unique local shops, restaurants and venues to see how these businesses impact our community. Make it a monthly event to try something new, something local, and make it a fun day or evening out with friends.

Word of Mouth. Don’t just tell people about a bad experience, tell them about the good ones too! You can be a positive influence when it comes to encouraging people where to shop.

Give Thanks. Small business owners face a lot of challenges when up against the retail giants. Show them your appreciation for what they bring to the area by shopping there, and thank them for being there.

Pay Cash. Small businesses often have minimums for a debit/credit card purchases because the credit card processing companies charge about 3% of each transaction and a per transaction fee just for the business to be able to accept cards.

Many of the Richmond Hill Board of Trade members offer member to member discounts, where you can save on things that you use every day. You can check out the offers here: and when you stop in to visit them be sure to let them know if you are a member of the RHBOT. #RHBOTBetterTogether

Lisa Chong, RHBOT's Marketing and Event Manager, is building a career focused on helping organizations achieve their fundraising, marketing and event planning goals. She thrives on building networks and helping our members forge their own connections. Lisa has been with the RHBOT for 3 years and has overseen almost 130 events.

Contact her at:

T: 905-884-1961 x21



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