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Making Old News, New Again: Breathing Life into Your Blog

Creating engaging content for your website and media streams takes energy, persistence, follow-through and, dare I say, a creative approach.

Entrepreneurs who are already exhausted, stretched thin and nervous about the current climate all just collectively, silently, eye rolled me. Who can blame you? In the struggle for exciting content you can feel lost and exasperated at the thought of yet one more chancy marketing task on your plate.

As I have said before, social media in all its forms may bring you new business. What it’s really good at, though, is reinforcing the choice of a past purchase, setting you up as an expert in your field, reminding past clients about what it is you do and providing you a voice in the world of online noise.

Blogging is a great way to structure and solidify your position in your field of expertise. Everybody knows that and in fact you can’t swing a (virtual) cat without hitting a blog! So the question then becomes how to separate your voice from everyone else’s. Check out these categories, some with links to our members doing an exemplary job with the look and feel of their blogs/vlogs.

Data and Statistics

Using data and statistics in a visual way is best. Graphics created to explain your point of view or why you came to a certain conclusion can be engaging for a client whose purchase threshold can only be crossed by a display of facts and figures. They will appreciate the data as long as they understand it.

Life and Case Examples

Back up your conclusion and client solution with a case example. Here it would be great to set your example for the reader and then include a testimonial from clients who you helped overcome the same problem.

Photo Diary Style Images

Provide images that tell a story. These can walk the reader through the problem to a satisfying conclusion. These blogs have very little text. They can be quickly digested by the reader. The reader and potential client will understand that you consider their time valuable and you are a business owner who gets right to the point.


Highlight the problem your services can solve by using a steady stream of video content. These videos can be professional but they should make you seem accessible. The client should never feel that your services are beyond their means or that they don’t know you.

Stuart Rudner of Rudner Law often provides clients with updates and changes in our legal system through his vlog. Here is a recent example of his work.

Engaging Content – Webinars

Within the blog itself, embed video content like learning webinars with free information. Ensure brevity by providing the best content you can (for free) in the least amount of time possible. Shorter videos with a strong and concise call to action are most likely to be viewed all the way through.

Smart Commute recently provided us with a fabulous article about the changes on Yonge St. Within the article they provided readers with webinars to help our community get back up and running. Check it out here

Client Specific Offers

Narrow down your field. You can’t be everything to everyone so when you make an offer tailor it to a specific audience and give them an offer they really want. Make sure the participant understands why they need the offer, what is special about it (why it is meant for them and the exclusivity of it) and how they redeem it.

Bob Bloom of Lasalle Software provided an offer to RHBOT Members in his most recent blog. Here is how he did it.

Free Information

In the age of instant information don’t be stingy. Educate freely and often. It allows potential clients to get to know you more quickly and leads to opportunities you may not have even thought of. Become the go to source for your area of expertise.

Rochelle Greaves, Co-founder Story Point Consulting, often offers amazing free advice to not-for-profit organizations. In this article she focuses on data driven information and how to use it.

Minken Employment Lawyers’ site is a great wealth of up-to-date information. Their blog is another example of information sharing. Check out their recent blog on Covid, Employment and Childcare issues.

Interview Style Writing

This style of back and forth is an engaging way for you to pose a question and then give the follow up answer in a short, conversational manner. A big benefit. The drawback is, it’s difficult to do this and sound natural and authentic. Just tread lightly.

Errol Da-Re of Venture X Richmond Hill provided us with the opportunity to do this style of blog recently when we wanted to uncover how a new cooperative space opening during this time provides a safe and secure environment.

Links to Further Info and Content

Also for the sake of brevity, try to link items that need further explanation. You can do a series of articles that all exist on your site and hyperlink the section so that the reader can choose how deeply they want to delve into the subject matter.

Push to Your Other Media Streams

Content that relates to your topics can also be linked so that the potential client will be pushed into other media streams. You can place the pictures on Instagram, the videos onto Facebook or YouTube or a form or pdf doc on your LinkedIn page. Keep the circle moving by providing them a way back to your article or blog section from anywhere you send them.

Personal and Professional Tone

One of the most important items to note is the balance of a personal and professional tone. Believe it or not this reflects directly back to your mission, who your customer is and the style of your marketing. This is something that someone should feel right away when they visit your blog. They may not even be able to put their finger on it. It will be totally subjective but it will reflect on who you are and the type of business you run.

No matter how you choose to style your blog, strive to educate and entertain. That way you’ll be on the right path to creating engaging content that puts your reader first and keeps them coming back to you for more.

Carrie-Ann Nihmey-Smye is the Membership Services Coordinator at the Richmond Hill Board of Trade and a small business owner of a women’s styling business.

Contact her at

T: 905-884-1961 Ext.27


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