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Richmond Hill 2024 Budget Presentation

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

In this presentation replay, Hon. Mayor David West, Regional and Local Councillor Joe DiPaola, and Treasurer Gigi Li present the Richmond Hill 2024 Draft Budget to RHBOT members! Stay informed about the latest developments impacting Richmond Hill businesses. Visit RHBOT.CA to ensure you're always in the loop. Your business matters, and so does staying connected!

Video Timestamps:

0:00 Welcome

6:46 Budget Presentation by Gigi Li

7:08 Budget Process

13:19 Draft Operating Budget

24:24 Capital Budget

29:49 Summary- Budget Rate Changes

30:33 Q/A Session

30:55 How do tax increases compare with other municipalities?

40:03 What were the efforts to keep tax increases low?

42:23 Reduced 6.63% Draft 1 increase to 4.70%

50:25 Closing


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