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Ally Esmail

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-- Winner of the 2024 Dave Barrow's Award --

The late Mr. Ally Esmail was a successful business owner, volunteer and respected member of our community. He cared deeply for our Richmond Hill community and worked tirelessly to make a difference, volunteering in support of affordable housing issues for the last 30 years.

In the 1990s, Mr. Esmail founded the Jubilee Garden Non-Profit Housing Corporation and built a 100-townhouse non-profit housing project in Richmond Hill. Mr. Esmail was a long-standing volunteer, having served for many years as the Director, United Way of York Region, on the Board of Governors, North York General Hospital Foundation and as a Member of the Human Services Planning Coalition of York Region.

His contributions to furthering social change and creating affordable housing in our city will undoubtedly form the bedrock of his lasting legacy.

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