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Make 2018 the year of the video

If you had only $1 allocated to marketing, how would you spend it? If you’re Bill Gates, you’d spend it on Public Relations.

That’s because PR offers a huge return on investment. And, it allows companies to speak to its audience in a powerful way. These days, video is playing an important role in PR.

Why? Because Canada currently ranks second worldwide in terms of video usage with users spending around 25 hours monthly watching videos. And, the number of video users have increased by more than 140% in the last three years.

By posting videos to company websites and YouTube, client engagement skyrockets. YouTube is currently the largest channel for video and the most metric rich. Measurement is clear via metrics on: views; shares; likes; comments. Engagement is measured via these statistics.

But, how do you obtain a great video?

Here, at iAMBIC Communications, we follow this process:

  • Focus on filming testimonial videos; product launch videos; as well as videos celebrating awards, special events and news

  • Use strong storytelling to determine topics with ‘hooks’ and key messages that create compelling videos

  • Conduct a 2-minute live ‘interview’ on video to tap into news stories that can leverage your expertise

By creating and posting videos, you can tap into Canadians’ preferred method of learning about a company, its products and services. And, you can enhance your credibility. Make 2018 the year you launch video to communicate with your audience.


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