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Do You Travel With Purpose?

One of my favourite things to do is to travel and experience different cultures, food, art, architecture, the outdoors and of course take lots of photos along the way. What we have not tried yet is the idea of planning a trip with purpose.

What do we mean by that?

What if you could have a vacation that allows you to also give back during that time?

This is not a new concept and is something that has been done for a while. Me to We for example is know for their trips to Africa, India and other locations, to help build schools or bring fresh water to a village, for a few examples.

Do you love animals or care about the environment? Earthwatch may just have the right trip for you to help rescue endangered animals or monitor a coral reef in the Caribbean. They challenge people to "Be More Than a Tourist".

Imagine having your annual company trip or convention also give back with your employees in an experience that completely engages them on a different level with a trip they will remember for their entire career. Or imagine choosing a vacation with purpose for your family connected to something you are all passionate about that will bond your children in a new and empowering way.

I'm going to check out the Treadright Foundation this year. It's an organization that inspires people to "Make Travel Matter" for a future trip that involves helping animals - something I've often thought about but just haven't put time into researching yet. is another planning resource that has over 16,000 programs and over 35,000 reviews to help you find the right trip and hear about what others have said about them.

Part of staying inspired is trying new things to open up our perspective. Are you ready for it?

We would like to thank Guest Blogger and RHBOT Member Karen Merk, Merk Photography

Karen Merk, LPPOC, PMP, is an award winning Photographer based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. Merk Photography serves York Region, and the Greater Toronto Area for the past ten years. In her portrait photography, Karen strives to reveal the unique qualities in each individual -getting the right expression is key and photographing in that person's environment really personalizes the portraits. Many clients tell Karen that she makes them feel at ease and comfortable during sessions, which is what she strives to do at each session. Karen is a "seasoned veteran" at special event photography and has had the pleasure of photographing hundreds of special events and celebrations over the past ten years. Nature photography and outdoor family portraits are also favourites in the spring, summer and fall seasons. Karen’s fine art photography is found in private and public collections throughout Ontario.


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