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88 Keys Music School

(905) 881-2893

88 Keys Music School transcends being just a music institution; it embodies a family-oriented community where the love for music is shared amongst all. At 88 Keys Music and Discovery Center, they recognize the profound power of music as an art form that transcends age, language, and culture, capable of healing, transforming lives, and fostering unity. Emphasizing inclusivity, they tirelessly cultivate a positive environment that celebrates music's joy with everyone. Understanding the diverse needs of learners, they ensure tailored approaches to meet individual goals, offering programs for all age groups, from newborns to seniors. By blending timely education with modern teaching methods, they make learning enjoyable and accessible to all. Even amid the pandemic, they swiftly adapted to remote learning, ensuring uninterrupted service. 88 Keys Music School aspires to inspire and empower students to achieve their musical aspirations, recognizing music's profound impact on hearts and lives worldwide. They extend an open invitation to all to join their community, feeling privileged to contribute to something greater than themselves.

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