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1 West Pearce St., Suite 308, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3K3

(905) 709-1236

MaxPeople is a leading provider of outsourced HR and Employment Law services, offering tailored solutions to support entrepreneurs and business owners in thriving and scaling their organizations. With over 17 years of industry experience, their seasoned team of consultants, advisors, professionals, lawyers, and emerging leaders is dedicated to making a meaningful impact. They prioritize building partnerships, fostering excellence, and championing diversity and inclusion within their own culture and those of their clients. Committed to creating work environments that promote focus, happiness, and productivity, MaxPeople offers a range of benefits including access to HR professionals, positive employee relations, enhanced performance and engagement, talent attraction and retention, expert guidance on HR matters, and compliance advice on Ministry legislation and regulations. Whether clients are just starting out or seeking assistance with specific programs, MaxPeople is equipped to provide comprehensive support tailored to their needs.

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