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Pure Vibes by Christina


Pure Vibes by Christina is led by Christina, a Water Hydration Consultant serving as an International Enagic Independent Distributor, detoxifying over 300 households and businesses with advanced water ionizer technology, home spa solutions, and premium organic turmeric supplements, tea, and soap. The flagship product, "Kangen Water," with a nearly 50-year legacy of success, is meticulously manufactured in Japan to the highest standards. These medical-grade ionizers produce alkaline, ionized, restructured water that deeply hydrates, is rich in antioxidants, and supports healthy detoxification. Key benefits include detoxifying lives through water transformation, saving time, money, and energy with versatile water use, and providing additional income streams for business owners. Pure Vibes by Christina's activities include product education, virtual and in-person events, water sample distribution, and in-home rentals/demonstrations, supplemented by network marketing and business development coaching. By fostering partnerships with various professionals and businesses across North America, from functional medicine doctors to beauty salons, Pure Vibes by Christina aims to architect healthy environments and share her health recovery journey to inspire others towards betterment. She particularly resonates with individuals facing burnout, setbacks, or chronic health issues unresolved by traditional medicine, as well as proactive seekers of health optimization strategies and biohacking enthusiasts who benefit from ionized, alkaline water applications.

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