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Social Coffee & Tea Co.

77 West Beaver Crk, Unit 1, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1K4

(416) 848-0718

Social Coffee & Tea Co. is a company committed to providing top-quality, socially conscious coffee and tea to people worldwide. They emphasize the social aspect of coffee consumption, advocating for socially conscious supply chains and passionate brewing. Operating from their Richmond Hill, Ontario roastery, they offer educational programs on coffee brewing and tasting. With a meticulous process of selecting green coffee beans, artisanal roasting, and rigorous quality control, they ensure their products meet the highest standards. They offer blends crafted for signature taste and freshness, using advanced packaging to preserve flavor. Social Coffee & Tea Co. also prioritizes social responsibility, sourcing single origin beans to appreciate the unique characteristics and support growers. Through their dedication to quality and social consciousness, they aim to deliver outstanding, artisanally roasted coffee for all to enjoy.

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