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Sustainable Resources Management Inc.

40 Romance Drive, Richmond Hill, Ontario L4S 2R7

(416) 493-9232

Sustainable Resources Management Inc. (SRM) is a seasoned consulting firm addressing resource, energy, and environmental challenges for both private and public sector organizations, locally and abroad. With roots tracing back to 1993, SRM provides clients with comprehensive expertise and innovative solutions tailored to their needs. Their client roster spans federal, provincial, and municipal government bodies, energy utilities, private firms, industry associations, and NGOs. Over the years, SRM has expanded its reach, completing energy management projects for more than 30 clients across Canada and venturing into international territories such as the U.S., China, Brazil, and Mexico. Renowned for their leadership in energy management solutions, SRM prioritizes delivering tangible financial, economic, and environmental benefits to their clientele. Their diverse services encompass energy efficiency, fuel substitution, co-generation, and renewable energy applications across all sectors.

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