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Visual Defence Inc.


Visual Defence Inc., headquartered in Richmond Hill, ON, is a leading Canadian corporation with over 20 years of experience in software development, serving major governmental and transportation organizations globally. Their team of over fifty employees, led by seasoned professionals with a median tenure of 9.3 years, specializes in project management, software development, AI, electronics engineering, and system integration. In 2020, Visual Defence introduced CityROVER, a smart camera system powered by AI, designed to streamline municipal road infrastructure management. This innovative solution automates the identification, detection, and reporting of road deficiencies in real time, enabling local governments to allocate resources efficiently and focus on critical tasks such as resource management. CityROVER, tailored for municipalities and local governments, offers secure data collection to maintain accurate road asset databases and digital logs. Visual Defence remains dedicated to advancing CityROVER's development, ensuring partner municipalities can deliver exceptional public service, enhance resident safety, and satisfaction.

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