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What the heck is a board of trade?

Most communities have them: non-profit organizations with a mandate to promote and support local businesses.

Businesses join a board of trade for many different reasons. The not-for-profit organization offers small businesses an established network as well as the opportunity to learn from more established colleagues.

There are also tangible economic benefits ranging from group rates on health insurance to significant discounts on gasoline, credit card processing fees, home and auto insurance and much more.

All that being said, we like to think it’s the intangibles that keep our 550 members engaged at the Richmond Hill Board of Trade.

With more than 60 events each year, each one offers very specific benefits to members. We want to provide an educational experience so every attendee walks away with a new piece of knowledge or a new skill.

We want our networking opportunities to put the right local businesses in touch with each other to create new linkages between business, suppliers, customers and support services.

And we want to ensure our advocacy work on behalf of the Richmond Hill business community is on point and effective. We have one of the most active and engaged Government Affairs Committees in the province. If there’s an issue that concerns our members then we’re out there talking about it.

Local business owners who attend RHBOT events say we’re different from our Board of Trade and Chamber colleagues in other communities. They point to a sense of camaraderie and community that’s unique to Richmond Hill. We’re proud of that and we’ll continue our efforts to earn our members trust and support.

We are a non-partisan organization but the Board of Trade believes that part of our commitment to the community is ensuring the public is informed and engaged.

For that reason, we host election events for federal, provincial and local election events in Richmond Hill. Watch for them coming up soon!

So there you have it: a very quick overview of what the Richmond Hill Board of Trade does for our community. We’re always here to help!


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