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Mastering the Language of Leadership

Leadership in any capacity – whether you’re the CEO of a big company, the manager of a small business, or the boss of your household – is all about effective communication. I learned early on that in order to lead and motivate my team, both at work and at home, I was going to have to set the example with solid communication skills.

The language of a leader should always stem from two core intentions: to instruct and to inspire.

When it comes to instructing the people around you, this is more about providing clear guidance as opposed to being “bossy” for the sake of it. When people are looking to you for your expertise and your leadership, they are looking for constructive communication – the kind of guidance and information they can really use to benefit them in their own roles. As a leader, when working from the intention of instructing, I aim to provide the people around me with tools and information that is both relevant and clear. By expressing myself with clarity and consideration for how my team will interpret my words, I am putting myself in their shoes and ensuring that my message comes across as intended.

My favourite intention when it comes to the language of leadership is to inspire. There is nothing more fulfilling than knowing that your expertise and guidance has helped to encourage and ignite the flame of inspiration in others. I truly believe it is the responsibility of every leader, from the office to the home, to set the example and work to motivate those around them. Consider the words you use, your tone, and your body language when communicating with others. Are you speaking to others, or at them? Are you projecting your voice calmly and with confidence, or are you rushing your words, leaving room for misinterpretation? Is your body language relaxed, open and inviting, or are those crossed arms and impatiently tapping feet giving those around you the wrong impression?

Effective communication, especially in a leadership capacity, takes time and experience to master, but as long as you’re making a conscious effort to recognize and correct yourself along the way, you’re already on the right track!

Remember – people will respond to you and your communication style in the same way that you would respond to theirs. If you begin from a place of treating others with the same respect and patience you would like them to extend to you – you can’t lose!

We would like to thank Vivian Risi for guest blogging for RHBOT!

Vivian Risi

Broker, President/Broker of Record

Inspired by her vision of becoming a successful female entrepreneur- Vivian Risi founded Your Community Realty, Canada's #1* franchise for Royal LePage and #3 of all real estate brokerages in Canada**.

Her passion for building stronger communities and her belief in people helping people, is at the forefront of everything she does. In addition to running her successful brokerage business, she dedicates her time, energy and resources to helping over 30+ charities and causes every year. Her work and philanthropic efforts have been recognized by various organizations - earning herself the Royal LePage Philanthropist of the Year award (2008), City of Vaughan Philanthropic Business Person of the Year award (2013), Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce Mayors Award (2012), York Region Business Excellence award (2013) as well as the prestigious, YMCA Peace Medallion award (2009).

Vivian stands behind her brand promise "People come first - and it shows!"

*based upon independently owned and operated

**according to published results from RealTrends


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