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2023 Portraits of Giving | Jaclyn Zhang

We were delighted to attend the 14th Annual Portraits of Giving Finale Celebration, joining in the celebration and support of this year's outstanding honorees.

Portraits of Giving recognizes and celebrates York Region Leaders and individuals who demonstrate social responsibility. Founded and championed by Karen Merk of Merk Photography, POG has been instrumental in inspiring our community across York Region municipalities to "keep on giving." Over the years, POG has celebrated the achievements of more than 130 honorees and numerous charitable organizations through their Portraits of Giving stories.

​Amongst this year's distinguished honorees was our very own Jaclyn Zhang, Owner of Futurevic Global Sourcing and 2nd Vice-Chair of the Richmond Hill Board of Trade.

Jaclyn's journey is one of entrepreneurship, innovation, and a profound commitment to community well-being. As the leader of Futurevic, she champions Made in Canada globally. Closer to home, her dedication to the community shines through her volunteer work and support for neighbors. Being an immigrant herself, Jaclyn understands the challenges firsthand and recognizes the crucial role of community. Fostering a healthy community where everyone can thrive has become a fundamental part of her purpose and identity. During the pandemic, she generously donated to Mackenzie Health, recognizing the relentless commitment to patient care by physicians and frontline heroes. Her hope was that more patients and families would receive the care they needed. Recognizing the challenging times for businesses and the economy, Jaclyn further adjusted her company's development strategy, placing a greater focus on attracting international cooperation and investment opportunities to benefit York Region. A recipient of the Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award, Jaclyn's remarkable achievements and story are celebrated with the Portraits of Giving 2023 recognition.

Explore inspiring stories of community leaders like Jaclyn at Portraits of Giving.

We sincerely thank Karen Merk and her team for their continued commitment to this cherished initiative. Your dedication makes our community stronger.


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