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Minister Rechie Valdez Visits RHBOT

It was a pleasure hosting The Honourable Rechie Valdez, Minister of Small Business, at The Richmond Hill Board of Trade last week. Engaging in meaningful discussions, alongside M.P. Majid Jowhari, we had the pleasure of addressing the various issues surrounding the business landscape in Richmond Hill.

During our meeting, we had the opportunity to visit our new member, Bismillah Grocers, a Richmond Hill-based Indo-Pak grocery store specializing in top-quality Halal Meats and offering a diverse array of South Asian products.

Our sincere gratitude goes out to the Minister for taking the time to visit and for participating in these valuable conversations.

This collaborative effort between the Richmond Hill Board of Trade, the Minister of Small Business, and businesses like Bismillah Grocers reflects our shared commitment to fostering economic growth, supporting local enterprises, and building a resilient and inclusive business community.

Monique Dennison, Anthony Ierullo, Lena Guirguis, Shadi Guirguis, Amin Panjwani, Rechie Valdez, George Vasilache, Shadi Guirguis, MP Majid Jowhari, Murad Fazli, Aaqib Usmani


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