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New Member Testimonial – RK-TCS

We are so happy to welcome RK-TCS to the Richmond Hill Board of Trade. Meet Rekha Kulshreshtha, Founder at our New Member Showcase in March! Thank you, Rehka for sharing this article with us! – Richmond Hill Board of Trade

I’m pleased to announce that RK-TCS has become a member of the Richmond Hill Board of Trade this month!

We felt it was the right time for us, as a company, to become more involved in the local community. I heard from a local lawyer that being a member of the Richmond Hill Board of Trade had really helped him grow his business over the last 7 years. I recently asked a fellow small business owner for suggestions on where to go to hire specific services for my business and he recommended working through the local board of trade. All signs seemed to indicate that there was value in joining the Richmond Hill Board of Trade as we continue to expand our client and consultant base. So earlier this month, I took the leap, not feeling completely sure if it would be worthwhile or not. I figured, I’ll try it for a year and then see if we want to continue being a member beyond that.

I was pleasantly surprised that within less than a week, I started to see invitations to events in the community that immediately piqued my interest. I signed up for an educational series – always good to stay on top of the latest and greatest in HR and legal considerations. Met some amazing and passionate people at the first event. The next day, I joined a very well-attended Women in Business Networking Session which included a short presentation on issues important to small business and a round-table of introductions. Amazingly, among the group were women running small businesses to provide some of the services I was looking for – I love win-win scenarios!

I’m so glad we joined the Richmond Hill Board of Trade and encourage other small businesses in the area to join – I began to see value within the first week. I suspect I will be like the small business owner I met at my first event who said she had been a member for more than 20 years. I look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship between RK-TCS and the Richmond Hill Board of Trade!

RK-TCS is a transformation consulting firm that offers strategic planning, project management, change management and business process analysis services to small, medium and large multi-national companies.

They support their clients through project delivery or augmenting client teams with skilled resources. They also provide advisory consulting, executive coaching and training services.

Find out more about RK-TCS by clicking this link

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30 Harding Blvd West,

Richmond Hill, Ontario,

L4C 9M3, Canada


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